Arena Beach Lodge

Busua, Ahanta District
Western Region, Ghana
Mob.: +233 (0) 20 5857178

  • Born from an idea of Italian partners with twenty years of touristic experience and really fond of Ghana, our company is located in Takoradi, the third most important town in Ghana. Our goal is to invest in West Africa which has big economic chances of growth and, at the same time, to promote a sustainable development. It is also our intention to invest particularly in local human resources, with great attention to the ecological effects and full respect for local customs and traditions.

    As a consequence the social and economic welfare of the communities in these zones will be directly enhanced by the creation of jobs and business opportunities.

    In this background we have worked to provide the local community with:

    • Public toilets/lavatories for Princess Town Community (August 2009)
    • Medications and clothing to Princess Town and Busua Communities (2009 and 2012)
    • Hospital provisions to the District Authorities of Agona and local hospitals, particularly Dixcove Hospital (near Busua)

    Our projects

    • Busua: we completed our facility with restaurant and bar, that will soon be fully operating.
    • Princess Town: we are planning to build an environment-friendly resort near the colonial Fort on the beach