Arena Beach Lodge

Busua, Ahanta District
Western Region, Ghana
Mob.: +233 (0) 20 5857178

  • Arena Lodge

    the best solution for your stay in Ghana

    A nice hotel located a few meters from Busua beach, near the reputed Busua Beach Hotel of Golden Beach chain;

    • 10 double rooms and 1 suite (for information and bookings:
    • Restaurant service on demand
    • Local tourist guide support (also from Accra, on request). If you like our guides can help you planning your trip around Ghana.
    • Day-trips organization: Day-trips on request: get to know many splendid beaches, visit the many colonial Forts along the coast (Butre, Elmina, Cape Coast, etc.), join the traditional feasts & celebrations rich in colours and typical costumes
    • Further activities:
      Percussion instruments lessons: local artist are willing to play with you for short sessions of Djembe and other typical instruments
      Surf: you can surf at Busua with local surf instructors (beginners) or at Princess (skilled surfers only)

    Still far from the main routes of international tourism Ghana can offer an unforgettable experience; friendly people, lush greenery, hot climate gently caressed by tropical breeze, wildlife reserves and enchanting beaches.

    Once British colony, since its independence (more than fifty years ago) Ghana has been one of the few politically stable realities in Africa, currently aimed to a robust development process thanks to its natural resources: gold (Ghana was once known as the "Golden Coast"), manganese and, recently, oilfields. From the agricultural point of view Ghana is one of the world's major exporters for cocoa (the world's best quality), valuable timber, rubber, etc.

    English is the national language and its diffusion made the cohabitation among different ethnic groups easier, also considering that still nowadays each group has its own language (Ahanta, Fanti, and so on). Twi language, too, is still spoken (and taught at schools) by more than 7 million inhabitants.

    Busua is a small fishing village in the Western Region; thanks to its marvellous beach it has become one of the most renowned resorts in Ghana. You will still find a lively fishing community and various kinds of accommodations, ranging from cheap 'chop bars' to the expensive restaurants and hotels.